Welcome to Duffy Legal

South Australian Law Firm

(Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation)

Duffy Legal is a South Australian law firm committed to providing the best possible legal services in its areas of expertise at rates that make sense to you and leave you feeling like you received great value for money.

Nobody likes spending money on lawyers. We get that. Lawyers are expensive. The results they achieve often don’t seem to reflect the fees they charge. But you accept that it is necessary from time to time to engage a law firm. All you want is to ensure that you are not ripped off when you do.

Communication is the key. We will talk with you from the start of your matter about your expectations about costs. There will be no surprises, because we will continue that dialogue whenever necessary throughout your matter.

Words are, of course, cheap. You need to understand how we intend to deliver these outcomes to you.

This is how we do it. At Duffy Legal, we have created a virtual law firm structure. We don’t have expensive CBD offices. We use technology whenever we can to reduce our overheads and the costs of service delivery. We have focussed on creating a firm that only incorporates those elements required to deliver quality services to you in a manner and at a cost acceptable to you. Quite simple really.

So certain are we of our ability to deliver on our rhetoric that we guarantee that, if any dispute should arise with respect to costs, we will be on your side. We don’t argue with clients about costs. We simply move on. Life is too short.

When we buy products or services, we expect great value for money and a total focus on our requirements with no surprises. Why should we expect to offer you any less?